Fire-resistant glass can be classified in two categories: Fire-resistant glass – heat transmitting glass: contains flames and inflammable gas for a short period of time, but does not prevent the transmission of heat to the other side of the glazing.(example: wired glass, reinforced laminated glass). Fire-resistant glass – fire-insulating glass: contains flames and inflammable gas for a longer period of time and prevents not only the transmission of flames and smoke but also of heat to the other side of glazing

Choosing Fire resistant glazing

When we talk of fire, we have to factor in the radiant heat that a fire generates. Radiant heat is invisible, extremely intense electromagnetic waves that travel at the speed of light. On striking an object these waves are absorbed and their energy is converted into heat. Combustible objects like paper and wood auto ignite due to the heat when they reach their flash point.

While deciding on the ideal fire rated glazing product, it is important to decide what the design and safety needs are. We need to decide whether glazing requirement comes with only integrity or partial insulation or full insulation. Simultaneously we need to decide as to for what duration we need the fire resistance.

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